XCZONE needs to collect, store and process sensitive customer information to provide the customer with the products or services that they request. Specifically, XCZONE need to know:

1. What products and Services are requested?
2. Full Name
3. Shipping Address
4. Phone number
5. e-mail
6. Credit Card Number


The customer is free to provide this information or feedback, comments, questions or concerns to XCZONE by web forms, e-mail , post (Suite 401, 99 Fifth Ave, Ontario Canada, K1S 5P5 ) or in person.


XCZONE has established a secure communications path from the client's computer to XCZONE as managed by our Internet Service Provider, where the customer orders products or services through the secure buy form on the web site. This communications path is protected with 128 bit SSL encryption for confidentiality, integrity and server side authentication. Secure Real-Time Credit Card Processing is providing by and TD Bank. The customer is transferred (SSL version 3 with 128 bit encryption) to a secure page at Beanstream (Victoria, BC, Canada) where the shopping cart is hosted. All credit card information is processed and stored at Beanstream, TD Bank and the Credit Card Companies in a Secure manner. No credit card information is stored at XCZONE at any time. XCZONE receives the shipping notice with the customer's order address, e-mail and phone number. This data only is temporarily stored on a secure mail server before being pulled off by the XCZONE for processing through a protected SSL communications link with a simple authentication/authorization mechanism.

Communications with XCZONE by means other then through the XCZONE secure web portal and on-line buy button or form is not necessarily secure, and is done so at the costumer's own choice and risk.


After reaching XCZONE, sensitive personal data (address, phone number and e-mail) is stored off-line (the computer is not connected to any network). Our retrieval computer system is protected by virus scanners, intrusion detection systems and host personal firewall. We have a strict policy of not accepting unsolicited attachments. Note XCZONE does not see credit card numbers in this process.


Processing of credit card information occurs at a third party location approved by VISA and Mastercard and TD Bank . The processing adheres to acceptable international electronic banking practices AIS Security Standards v1.4. The credit card information is transmitted in an encrypted and authenticated fashion to the bank.


Personal information is never shared to a third party or used in a manner which the customer has originally intended unless explicitly authorized by the customer (ie., positive review...)


XCZONE makes no commitment for the availability or reliability of the Internet or Telecommunications Carriers which may affect the availability of the communications path from the Customer to XCZONE.